Launch week 2 – sustained coding!

Early bird launches the sustained coding week! This week 10.5.-14.5.2021 is about: learning more about visual front end (CSS) particularly I need 5 deploy+usability enhancement done on a CV show engine it’ll be mostly Linux cli, JavaScript, CSS and HTML refactor a copy-paste JavaScript helper function to be more scalable, less manual instantiation Goal isContinue reading “Launch week 2 – sustained coding!”

How was my week #1 (spring 2021) in sustained coding?

I wrote on Tuesday about shaping one’s habits in order to curb excessive “lifelong learning”, and concentrate on coding. Here’s my own results for the 1st week. This is first part of a train of Posts about keeping up habits for coding. Coding is fun, and even more so, if you actually learn to learn:Continue reading “How was my week #1 (spring 2021) in sustained coding?”

Rails app for a personal OKR dashboard

I want to make a web app for tracking personal development metrics. The “OKR” stands for objectives (O) key results (KR) and you can learn more about theory on Wikipedia about OKR. Right now, for this project you need: curious mindset a Linux box (VPS) shell access to your VPS bit of interest to learnContinue reading “Rails app for a personal OKR dashboard”

Help needed: I’m editing a WordPress Post – how to change the Gutenberg block type?

Hey, a really short question: I am editing a WordPress Post. Heard that there’s possibility of changing the Gutenberg block type, using keyboard. But how? I’m using Firefox. Any and all help is appreciated. Please tweet mentioning me (@jukkapaulin) or you can also respond in private using a form. Thanks!

Make a better web – and give yourself time

I found there’s 5 kind of ill-conditions between an Email Subject and the blog post behind that link: False Gift: it’s not a gift at all – but instead asks you to pay more Totally misleading Subject – so called clickbaits Partially misleading Subject – you feel miserable or mislead after reading the Post TheContinue reading “Make a better web – and give yourself time”

Thoughts of a penman: about G-Mike Comic

So G-Mike appears every Tuesday. I call these ‘an episode’. Gotta check out if there’s terminology that people actually use, because I do mind – creating mind scum for nothing is just plain evil. I think there’s enough of information bloat floating around. “Every Tuesdays only” appearance is a simple schedule. I’m tempted to makeContinue reading “Thoughts of a penman: about G-Mike Comic”