Smartphones inside out – part 2: mobile networks

I wrote a post about mobile phones a “bit” earlier. This is the follow-up, with mobile networks. They are, inevitably, something that the whole mobile culture relies on. Yet I think mobile networks have received quite little interest from general public. 5G is a hot topic right now in 2018. The generations of mobile networksContinue reading “Smartphones inside out – part 2: mobile networks”

Linux WLAN (WiFi) tools under inspection

I’m checking out wireless LAN tools for Linux. The reason that I do this is because I want to be ready for the multitude of different networks that are available soon. Already the electromagnetic spectrum, which means “the whole space of frequencies” is occupied quite tightly by different kind of transmission. 4G is going toContinue reading “Linux WLAN (WiFi) tools under inspection”

OMEN messaging environment draft

Open messaging environment (project OMEN) OMEN is an open source news and messaging platform. It aims to create the framework for employees who are working in intensive information related environments. OMEN is browser based, operating system neutral, free of upgrades or updates. It is currently implemented for normal computer environments in 2010, but aims toContinue reading “OMEN messaging environment draft”

The coming 4G network looks good!

Mobile phones are basically computers that operate over radio networks. The base stationsare one important component which create the universe of possibilities of what themobiles can do. Depending on the generation of the system, different capabilities arepresent. The first mobile network, so called 1st generation, could relay speech from one mobilephone to another. The speechContinue reading “The coming 4G network looks good!”