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Personal visionarism and kaizen in life

Reading Time: < 1 minute Kaizen is the philosophy of optimizing a process and increasing quality in something. It comes from Japan, and has been linked often in Western countries to the industrial process (automation) quality improvements, perhaps best codified in Toyota’s success. I woke up today, feeling a bit grumpy, perhaps wanting to sleep further. I turn my systemsContinue reading “Personal visionarism and kaizen in life”

Back to basics: quantifying the web

Reading Time: 3 minutes I stumbled upon developing a iGoogle gadget. These small web programs are floating in the customizable front page of Google account owners. They can be used to push information to the user, and probably in the near future they develop into real applications. The point isn’t actually about this specific technology. What I started thinkingContinue reading “Back to basics: quantifying the web”

Reading Time: < 1 minute Saturdays are such a great time to take off my hands from the keyboard. It’s a slightly on the plus centigrade today, so I head off to a nearby gasoline station, and took the other car (a Ford Mondeo STW) to wash. Shell Tullinpuomi has this different kind of auto wash system. You drive aContinue reading