Personal note on blogging

Reading Time: < 1 minute Personal note. Blogging is a both challenging, fun and eternally evolving “thing”. A few thoughts arose during the years: persistence ultimately wins the inner critic and resistance to write – it’s tough sometimes, gotta admit that! short and concise content beats long and wandering rants – trust me. I’ve been doing the latter quite much!Continue reading “Personal note on blogging”

Thank you WordPress Happiness Engineers!

Reading Time: < 1 minute For starters.. Thank you Happiness Engineers! You can, nowadays, detach completely from the technical cornerstones of blogging. That’s a great thing! I’ve especially become to be endeared with WordPress as the go-to engine in blogging. The Jukkasoft blog to my knowledge hasn’t had much downtime. A few weeks ago (in 2018), however, I had theContinue reading “Thank you WordPress Happiness Engineers!”

The writing diet – blocking you?

Reading Time: 2 minutes Never too soon to check your Unhealthy Blogging Habits into balance Bad Habit #1: Delaying your article Sitting on that “mind-blowing” article, are we? I’m not talking about a few hours. I’m talking months, even a couple of years. Yeah, babe, that happened to me. Regularly. Once I published an article about smartphones, that’d beenContinue reading “The writing diet – blocking you?”

Reshuffle: what got Unfollowed in my WP Reader

Reading Time: 1 minute I was following 37 blogs through WordPress ‘Reader’. I hadn’t in fact interacted so much with the Reader, but kept still getting updates of articles to my iPhone. So one day I thought: now is the time to make a clean-up. Of the 37 original blogs in my Reader’s “list of followed blogs”, I keptContinue reading “Reshuffle: what got Unfollowed in my WP Reader”

an executive blog – affecting everyday life?

Reading Time: 2 minutes Today’s tasks included the first solo installation of a customer laptop. Whee 🙂 It was fun, although somewhat complicated also. I’m learning the way of the houselittle by little. My real reason for writing today: Tell me how many company executive blogs you read on a daily basis? I’d say zero for most of us.Continue reading “an executive blog – affecting everyday life?”