Epidemiological models (SIR) in nCov and Other Epidemics

Epidemic is an incident, in time, where typically a large proportion of a population gets ill. Corona-virus pandemic of 2019 is causing an epidemic. Originally detected somewhere in December 2019, we are still (March 20th 2020) in midst of the rising tide of infection cases. The causing virus is called specifically ‘Severe acute respiratory syndromeContinue reading “Epidemiological models (SIR) in nCov and Other Epidemics”

Tingling curiosity

A random blast. You know the feeling when you… * buy that coffee mug with your branding on it. Fallout-related, naturally (remnant from geek stage) * don’t carry the laptop to home on weekends * turn off social media notifications during 925 * swear you could code Hubspot better * still find using “F6” inContinue reading “Tingling curiosity”

A future email system idea

What is the underlying problem of Personal Information Management? Originally appeared in my Blogspot blog called Psiic. 2005-2008 I wrote back 10 years ago:“Current situation is that people use a variety of means (both electronic, physical, and mental) to achieve the needs of their work / personal communications.“ Sometimes the barrier of entry into aContinue reading “A future email system idea”