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Epidemiological models (SIR) in nCov and Other Epidemics

Reading Time: 4 minutes Epidemic is an incident, in time, where typically a large proportion of a population gets ill. Corona-virus pandemic of 2019 is causing an epidemic. Originally detected somewhere in December 2019, we are still (March 20th 2020) in midst of the rising tide of infection cases. The causing virus is called specifically ‘Severe acute respiratory syndromeContinue reading “Epidemiological models (SIR) in nCov and Other Epidemics”

Non-functional items in Branding through software

Reading Time: 2 minutes “How the perception of quality of software is affected by other merits than core technical features and the code” – sales techniques – initial approach and product presentation – management of customer expectations – matching the sales process and its promises with operations – simple and effective communications in presenting solutions Software in-line documents: commentsContinue reading “Non-functional items in Branding through software”

BSc thesis memo

Reading Time: < 1 minute Why Software Security matters? We’re entering a world where software makes a great deal of our daily lives. Software is a critical part of both “actually useful” as well as the trivial and fun stuff in our lives. Nevertheless, in both cases we’d like to be assured of certain things: that a life-saving thing likeContinue reading “BSc thesis memo”