Epidemiological models (SIR) in nCov and Other Epidemics

Reading Time: 4 minutes Epidemic is an incident, in time, where typically a large proportion of a population gets ill. Corona-virus pandemic of 2019 is causing an epidemic. Originally detected somewhere in December 2019, we are still (March 20th 2020) in midst of the rising tide of infection cases. The causing virus is called specifically ‘Severe acute respiratory syndromeContinue reading “Epidemiological models (SIR) in nCov and Other Epidemics”

To synch or not – that is the Question!

Reading Time: 3 minutes Sometimes you need a specific thing. One of these for me is a synchronizationsoftware between my Nokia e71 and Google calendar. Then I’d like to have Roboform play with Chrome browser. And… and… (Roboform is a catchyutility that stores passwords and feeds them into your browser when you needthem). In this story I describe howContinue reading “To synch or not – that is the Question!”