Microserfs (a sort of book review 2018)

The Microserfs I read the book a long time ago, perhaps somewhere around 2000. (Oh that magic turn-of-the-millennium IT hype!) Just recently a black plastic bag arrived in my mail — with the Amazon’ish “address and content” label printed on it. My hands were almost trembling. The excitement of getting a new look at this legendaryContinue reading “Microserfs (a sort of book review 2018)”

Future, part XXIII ?!

WARNING: extremely confusing post. 😀 Creating your own mobile presence is pretty easy with Gypsii, brought to you by an ex-Benefon company turned into GeoSentric. It was recommended by a friend, and I started using it. More and more! This could be the thing I had been searching for many years. I wrote about aContinue reading “Future, part XXIII ?!”

Tuokko – the personal transportation service

One of the things future brings is better service. Take Finland for example, a small country in the northern hemisphere, which doesn’t have too much ofnatural resources. We’ve been struggling for independence and survival forprobably as long as we’ve existed. What makes us rich, is the capability to innovate New. New meaning ways of doingContinue reading “Tuokko – the personal transportation service”