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Reading Time: 4 minutes Helsinki preface Had such a delight of a day. It was about visiting the City, meaning our dear Helsinki (daughter of the – some sea, anyway!) This city and heart of Finland is about 1 hour drive from home. There’s an old saying that when it’s been more than one month since your last visitContinue reading “Androids!”

Upcoming USA trip in 2010 summer, meet up?

Reading Time: < 1 minute USA trip 2010 (planned, version 1.0) 14 days in western USA, crossing to east and meet people & see things ina short period. I’ve been once to Las Vegas, in the Comdex computer fair in2000 or so. It was magnificent experience. We won the best looking presenteraward thanks to our lovely ladies, not the sweatyContinue reading “Upcoming USA trip in 2010 summer, meet up?”