Leaps, small and big problems

Computers are about wishful thinking. It sounds perhaps a ridiculous and odd, but it’s so true. Basically the thing is so that world has an infinite supply of little and big problems that can be solved computers can be used in probably most of these cases software nor devices alone rarely solve real problems, perContinue reading “Leaps, small and big problems”


Helsinki preface Had such a delight of a day. It was about visiting the City, meaning our dear Helsinki (daughter of the – some sea, anyway!) This city and heart of Finland is about 1 hour drive from home. There’s an old saying that when it’s been more than one month since your last visitContinue reading “Androids!”

faster preliminary GPS location by synching devices

Since there’s going to be time that we have at least half a dozen Bluetooth-enabled devices with GPS capabilities in any given 100m radius area, then why not use this informationconcentration to benefit all? Usually a single device has some trouble getting GPS signal, and the initialization takes time; sometimes it’s just 5-10 seconds, butContinue reading “faster preliminary GPS location by synching devices”

The coming 4G network looks good!

Mobile phones are basically computers that operate over radio networks. The base stationsare one important component which create the universe of possibilities of what themobiles can do. Depending on the generation of the system, different capabilities arepresent. The first mobile network, so called 1st generation, could relay speech from one mobilephone to another. The speechContinue reading “The coming 4G network looks good!”