Importance of making information flow

Reading Time: 2 minutes It would be really interesting to read research about the organizational patterns of information flow. I’ve encountered a place where we administrators have huge problems with getting information. Major events happen beneath our feet, but we feel the force only when the mattress is taken under. There’s no communications beforehand whatsoever. And I can tellContinue reading “Importance of making information flow”

Exposing your data!

Reading Time: 4 minutes Open source and open standards are a major thing. For some, it’s the antithesis to commercialism and modern capitalism. But I think that’s quite a shallow and biased view. In the media I’ve caught glimpse of placing Europe as the old, industrialist nation that wants to protect its citizens from unfair competition by slapping USContinue reading “Exposing your data!”

A future email system idea

Reading Time: 4 minutes What is the underlying problem of Personal Information Management? Originally appeared in my Blogspot blog called Psiic. 2005-2008 I wrote back 10 years ago:“Current situation is that people use a variety of means (both electronic, physical, and mental) to achieve the needs of their work / personal communications.“ Sometimes the barrier of entry into aContinue reading “A future email system idea”