Goddamn Murphy!!

Reading Time: < 1 minute It started innocently: waiting for my bus after work, at 4:30PM. Nothing happened for 45 minutes, even though the bus was supposed to be arriving in approx. 15 minutes. So I phoned a friend, in hopes of reaching him so that he could check the Internet for timetables. No answer. I phoned my wife next.Continue reading “Goddamn Murphy!!”

the evaluation of Finnish IT projects on a national level

Reading Time: < 1 minute This statement by the NAO (National Audit Office, ‘Valtiontalouden tarkastusvirasto’ in Finnish) does not give high credits to the impact of public-led information technology projects. It states that – the concrete impacts on local geographic levels have been mild, compared tothe substantial financial bets placed in these projects– the goals set in these IT projectsContinue reading “the evaluation of Finnish IT projects on a national level”