Pax mobility – 5G?

Reading Time: 2 minutes Technology doesn’t go very linearly forward. There are many things we await with eager expectations. One of these is the 5G network. I’ve been keen to observe and stick my spoon in to the “cutting edge” for 30+ years: I was lucky enough, you could say, to have parents that thought it would be wiseContinue reading “Pax mobility – 5G?”


Reading Time: < 1 minute Building your own ubiset: – buy a modern 3G phone– install the following software: * Google Maps ( * Tweets60 ( * Glogger Lite ( * Fring (though it’s a battery drain) This set gives you access to a lot of info on the road. You can keep in touchand document (Glogger) what you see.Continue reading “ubiset”

The coming 4G network looks good!

Reading Time: 3 minutes Mobile phones are basically computers that operate over radio networks. The base stationsare one important component which create the universe of possibilities of what themobiles can do. Depending on the generation of the system, different capabilities arepresent. The first mobile network, so called 1st generation, could relay speech from one mobilephone to another. The speechContinue reading “The coming 4G network looks good!”