Reading Time: < 1 minute Building your own ubiset: – buy a modern 3G phone– install the following software: * Google Maps (http://www.google.com/mobile/) * Tweets60 (http://www.tweets60.com/) * Glogger Lite (http://m.glogger.mobi/) * Fring (though it’s a battery drain) This set gives you access to a lot of info on the road. You can keep in touchand document (Glogger) what you see.Continue reading “ubiset”

non-intravenous ED

Reading Time: 2 minutes No, don’t open your mail. You have about 400 unread messages, of which luckily 98% can be deleted without going further than a mere flick.I won’t suggest that you’d be reckless, but I once deleted over600 mails and the decision brought no pain whatsoever. It relievedme a lot. There’s a better way nowadays. You canContinue reading “non-intravenous ED”

iTouched the iPhone

Reading Time: < 1 minute Been there! Done IT! The iPhone is way cool. I took a short test ride today, on 23rd June 2009. The authorized Mac reseller in Helsinki downtown had one these gems, that everybodyhas been buzzing about for.. ages? I’d seen the gadget live twice before this. But never actually got a feeling for it. TheContinue reading “iTouched the iPhone”

The next killer app for mobiles?

Reading Time: 2 minutes You know what? Mobile software is not about bits, coding and all that. It’s about understanding trends and what our motivations, problems and limitations are. I don’t really know can you say that there’s been a killer app since short messaging (SMS)… That’s one thing that got adopted by a huge majority of mobile users.Continue reading “The next killer app for mobiles?”

traveling set: modest electronics

Reading Time: < 1 minute   We were on our Honeymoon in Thailand. What can I say.. Well, I’d never leave home without mycellular. The iPod was really useful during the 13-14 hour flight from Helsinki,and the video phone we bought from Bangkok. I took around 100 video flicks from thetrip, and I think their value is priceless once weContinue reading “traveling set: modest electronics”