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loss of control – it happens

Reading Time: < 1 minute Blogspot displays scientology ads in my blog. Great. Ovi store lets me browse for applications, and when I find an interesting AND free one, it says this is no longer available. Why let me browse it then? Loss of control. You’re not in charge. That’s a major factor and a turnoff in computing. When systemsContinue reading “loss of control – it happens”

Stuck in old Metaphors – better times coming

Reading Time: 3 minutes Do you know what (search, connect, wait, wait, open, login, wait, select, accept, check) means? Why, it’s uploading your best photos from the phone to a public place like a web album. Sounds pretty complicated though, and that’s exactly what is currently is. We often don’t do things because the steps are taking too muchContinue reading “Stuck in old Metaphors – better times coming”

Tech gone bad – travel card kludgism

Reading Time: 4 minutes This article contains two main branches. First I’m going to talk aboutthe misjudgments somebody made in the design of a Finnish traveling card,and in the latter part I’m ranting about tech in general, but mobilesand new services in specific. Sometimes it’s pretty obvious when something has been designed badly, orin a user-hostile way. I wasContinue reading “Tech gone bad – travel card kludgism”