Tech gone bad – travel card kludgism

Reading Time: 4 minutes This article contains two main branches. First I’m going to talk aboutthe misjudgments somebody made in the design of a Finnish traveling card,and in the latter part I’m ranting about tech in general, but mobilesand new services in specific. Sometimes it’s pretty obvious when something has been designed badly, orin a user-hostile way. I wasContinue reading “Tech gone bad – travel card kludgism”

traveling set: modest electronics

Reading Time: < 1 minute   We were on our Honeymoon in Thailand. What can I say.. Well, I’d never leave home without mycellular. The iPod was really useful during the 13-14 hour flight from Helsinki,and the video phone we bought from Bangkok. I took around 100 video flicks from thetrip, and I think their value is priceless once weContinue reading “traveling set: modest electronics”