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HANSA – Indie game idea 2

Reading Time: < 1 minute HANSA — King of Ventures Pohjoismaiden eläkerahastot kyllästyvät laantuvan Aasian tuottoprosentteihin, ja palkkaavat erikoismies Jakob “Midas” Hansan hoitamaan salkkua, johon kerätään hulluimmat startup-ideat. Rahaston sijoitusperiaate:Mitä kahelimpi tiimi, sitä todennäköisemmin sekuuluu Midas-salkkuun. Vuoropohjaisessa pelissä luet ja allekirjoitat sopimuksia; liikut eripuolilla Helsinkiä, rekrytoit ja motivoit porukkaa ja järjestelet erilaisia diilejä.

Only the Necessary – some views of Interior design solution

Reading Time: < 1 minute While most of my days go in a sort of digital flow, thinking of problems of quite abstract nature, I love to stop and look at the physical-environmental solutions at home. Some of the everyday things are just “wicked” in way. For example, here’s one tough nut: We often stuff unnecesarily much into spaces whichContinue reading “Only the Necessary – some views of Interior design solution”

Joy of XML with proper tools

Reading Time: 2 minutes I was doing a recruit platform, in Java, and within there I was currently writing the spec and mechanism for format definition file for IT Skills. Then I came upon our good old friend XML and it’s companion, the grammar definition XSD (XML Schema definition). These two have a relationship: Since XML files in generalContinue reading “Joy of XML with proper tools”

Setup R for experimenting with algotrading on Windows 10 (part 1)

Reading Time: 2 minutes Quantmod library is one of my first darlings in the exploratory experiments that I did for quantitative finance. I’d previously read about algotrading and all, but what sparked my interest really further were two things: VPRO documents on quantitative finance (Youtube) especially the VPRO doc ‘The Alchemists of Wall Street‘ availability and ease of useContinue reading “Setup R for experimenting with algotrading on Windows 10 (part 1)”

Boids – beautiful simulation of natural followers using an old algorithm

Reading Time: < 1 minute Boids – a log of Learning Java EE 7 / 8 Plan multithreading for the boid calculation definition of “one round” parallelism explained shadow values (a copy of locations before calculation) using shadow values the execution (order of picking a boid) from mesh does not matter shadow buffer makes the calculations virtually as if theyContinue reading “Boids – beautiful simulation of natural followers using an old algorithm”