Why delivery is important in blog newsletter marketing?

Delivering. One word, but a strong meaning in communications. Delivery can mean a few other things, but we’ll concentrate on the meaning in context of email marketing and verbal communications. Delivery means the claiming of a said purpose or promise. The promise part comes in a subject of an email marketing message. If you startContinue reading “Why delivery is important in blog newsletter marketing?”

Reality check: can you live totally passwordless in 2020?

2020 seemed ripe for a totally passworldless world. However, at least I find that this is utterly nonsense. I use – and have to regularly reset – passwords. Can you live already without passwords? I’d really like to hear tales from trenches, what kind of alternatives there exists to replace the authentication we seem currentlyContinue reading “Reality check: can you live totally passwordless in 2020?”

Re-reading Arthur C. Clarke: Hammer of God

It’s summer 2021. I just finished reading Arthur C. Clarke novel “Hammer of God“. Absolutely love it! This is the second time for me. Clarke writes in such a fascinating way. I hate long dialogue, and in general, very thick books. Hammer of God is neither. Clarke’s signature style is also about the theories andContinue reading “Re-reading Arthur C. Clarke: Hammer of God”

One important question about our times: microbinge.

We all know this phenomenon: you see a brief notification about a user’s new social media post, and without even actually going as far as opening it, just by guessing, you know almost exactly what they have posted. Someone posts just things about… well, coffee decorations. Someone else posts only about things related to technologyContinue reading “One important question about our times: microbinge.”

Week #2 results (Spring 2021) in sustained coding

Blatantly bad. No excuses. All 5 items I did not have time or concentration to advance. So I will carry them over to next week. And tentatively already book the order in which I’ll do the items. This often helps. You can’t then kind of keep the soap flipping over and over in your hand!Continue reading “Week #2 results (Spring 2021) in sustained coding”

What is there before RPA?

Robotization is the bread-and-butter of RPA. Before RPA there are the acts of: identifying a meaningful, repetitive, dull, dangerous or dirty task splitting task to their computationally feasible sub-tasks describing the sub-tasks in a domain of a technical language understood by agents who execute the Automation ensuring the whole process is still intact and doesContinue reading “What is there before RPA?”