FreeFEM software: ready for summer! DIY heat

Reading Time: 2 minutes Energy saving, cooling a house, Passive housing I’m a total noobie what comes to construction technology. However, my mind is curious one, and I’m open to experimenting. In this series, we’re going to: get familiar with FreeFEM modeling understand the physics of heat in housing model a house in FreeFEM start measuring actual temperature readingsContinue reading “FreeFEM software: ready for summer! DIY heat”

Business: LBO memo

Reading Time: < 1 minute Interview rounds in Finance, M&A (mergers and acquisitions) LBO questions define Leveraged buyout who are the legal parties in a LBO deal? what are the benefits of doing LBO? why LBOs are done? walk through a basic LBO model Mention a few notable LBOs in 2010s around the world. Explain the vision in these deals.Continue reading “Business: LBO memo”

Firefox! Pätkä virtuaalimaailman historiaa

Reading Time: 2 minutes Firefox (eli ‘tulikettu’) lienee tuttu monille tietokoneenkäyttäjille. Selain on tunnettu avoimuudestaan, sekä valtavasta määrästä lisäosia eli add-on:eja. Firefox erotettiin “kevyeksi” itsenäiseksi selaimeksi, vastapainoksi Mozillan raskaammalle ja useampia toimintoja sisältävälle internet-kommunikaatiopaketille. Firefox syntyi näin vuonna 2004. Sen markkina-osuus verkkoselaimista on nykyään noin 25%. Firefox on Internet Explorerin jälkeen kakkosena suosituimmuustilastoissa. Mozilla Foundation joka kehittää Firefoxia onContinue reading “Firefox! Pätkä virtuaalimaailman historiaa”

SEO, ranking and search results

Reading Time: 2 minutes This is a bit of a SEO tips, fused with my realworld case, as Jukkasoft blog founder and sole writer. Long story short: for a real long time, this blog basically lived its quiet life in the Internet, without much visitors. I kept writing stuff, because I have always loved the trade. There were aContinue reading “SEO, ranking and search results”

Tekkikulmaus: web-serverit ohjelmistokehittäjälle

Reading Time: 3 minutes “Eiks se oo aina Apache?” -“Siis mikä?!“ Express. nginx. Caddy. HTTP/2. IIS. Sertit. CRL. Portti 80. DNS?! localhost:3000 “No mut ku Railsissa on omansa, en mä tiedä miks jotain web-serveriä tarvis laittaa pydeen.” Sormi suussa? Ällös huolehdi. Tutkitaan, ennenkuin hutkitaan. Sovelluskehittäjä nykyaikana usein voi “unohtaa” armeliaasti alla olevan teknologian. Ne mallit ja kuviot, joilla webissäContinue reading “Tekkikulmaus: web-serverit ohjelmistokehittäjälle”

david – getting a hammer to solve dependencies

Reading Time: 2 minutes Are you interested in getting a glimpse of how a minor open source issue get evolved? What happens when projects are developed? This story is a bit of tongue-in-cheek, yet contains more than a mere whiff of reality. Like all good stories, we have to back up a bit: Picture this. 2015, Geek-sniping I wasContinue reading “david – getting a hammer to solve dependencies”

The Lazy (Time-)Traveler from 2001

Reading Time: 2 minutes I had a ‘Future Visions’ page back some 20 years ago, on my university’s free student homepage. Kind of started blogging there. I wrote these small pieces of essays, very much about societal change and the future. Well! Here we are now! Dated in 2001, I wrote about ‘The Lazy Traveler’: The ‘information society’ comesContinue reading “The Lazy (Time-)Traveler from 2001”