Reading Time: < 1 minute  This is River Kwai bridge, crossing over the river. It was used in the 1957 popularized movie “Bridge on Riwer Kwai”, though Hollywood supposedly built a copycat of the original bridge for the film. I saw this bridge live on January 2008 in Thailand. The story behind can be read in for example a bookContinue reading

Reading Time: < 1 minute  Yours truly standing in the heat, with white clothes. At River Kwai in Thailand, January 2008. The allied bombed the original bridge, so an iron bridge was built. There’s yet a third bridge, which is for Hollywood filming purposes. Me and my wife were having a honeymoon trip, and this was part of it. TheContinue reading

The Day I Joined

Reading Time: 2 minutes The day I joined Facebook This is part of my diary, from approximately the day I joined Facebookon the Internet. Facebook is a social portal, where you can meet friends,discuss things, and have fun. Among other things. It’s interesting site,and currently as I’m writing this in February 2008, Facebook is gaininga lot of users andContinue reading “The Day I Joined”

Reading Time: < 1 minute PSIIC really doesn’t mean anything. It’s a random word, which I decided to use here on So this is the initial writing, and I’m feeling kind of a writer’s block at the moment. Currently sitting at the lounge of Helsinki University of Technology’s main library, it’s 7:41 PM. I’ve been writing basically the wholeContinue reading