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Leaps, small and big problems

Reading Time: 5 minutes Computers are about wishful thinking. It sounds perhaps a ridiculous and odd, but it’s so true. Basically the thing is so that world has an infinite supply of little and big problems that can be solved computers can be used in probably most of these cases software nor devices alone rarely solve real problems, perContinue reading “Leaps, small and big problems”

Tech gone bad – travel card kludgism

Reading Time: 4 minutes This article contains two main branches. First I’m going to talk aboutthe misjudgments somebody made in the design of a Finnish traveling card,and in the latter part I’m ranting about tech in general, but mobilesand new services in specific. Sometimes it’s pretty obvious when something has been designed badly, orin a user-hostile way. I wasContinue reading “Tech gone bad – travel card kludgism”