Using Yoast on a WordPress blog

I’d had Yoast plugin in WordPress for some time. I originally bought Yoast Premium to in order to help me see interactive tips real-time, while editing a new Post. Yoast felt immediately very solid and stable. Yoast packs quite a lot of power under the hood, but as with anything, the best value comesContinue reading “Using Yoast on a WordPress blog”

Non-functional items in Branding through software

“How the perception of quality of software is affected by other merits than core technical features and the code” – sales techniques – initial approach and product presentation – management of customer expectations – matching the sales process and its promises with operations – simple and effective communications in presenting solutions Software in-line documents: commentsContinue reading “Non-functional items in Branding through software”

Lure of Coding: Packages galore

Lure of coding. Once you snap, you can’t.. live without? Update? Stay abreast? The dream of doing software by snapping together nice libraries (components) is as old as the trade itself. We’ll be looking at how does modularity in general change software development process how the NPM package repository and ‘npm’ tool helps JavaScript developersContinue reading “Lure of Coding: Packages galore”

Miksi React? Mitä se tarjoaa?

React, kuten mikä tahansa kirjasto tai kehikko, tarvitsee hissipalopuheen. Joskus valinta saattaa yksinkertaisesti hoitua kauniisti sanoen “automaagisesti”, eli projektissa on jo valittu teknologia(t), tai et ole se, joka päättää arkkitehtuurista. Joka tapauksessa JavaScript/web-devaus -maailma on täynnä teknologioita, ähkyyn asti, joten uuden esittelyyn ja suosion saavuttamiseen usein halutaan tiivistetty kuvaus. Reactin avainpointit paino fronttikehityksessä (“View” MVC:stä)Continue reading “Miksi React? Mitä se tarjoaa?”