Thank you WordPress Happiness Engineers!

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For starters.. Thank you Happiness Engineers!

You can, nowadays, detach completely from the technical cornerstones of blogging. That’s a great thing! I’ve especially become to be endeared with WordPress as the go-to engine in blogging. The Jukkasoft blog to my knowledge hasn’t had much downtime. A few weeks ago (in 2018), however, I had the first episode where the blog crashed. I was casually checking my own blog via mobile, before going to sleep, and it replied with the 500 Internal Server Error. That is in fact one of the most feared error messages, since it’s very generic and the reasons for this can vary a lot. In English: it might mean a very long debugging session, ranging from a lucky 5 minutes to several hours of sorting the situation and restoring operations.

I logged on to the WordPress backend (“control panel”), hailed for live help from WordPress Happiness Engineers, and to my total surprise: the blog was back up, functional in less than 3 minutes. Unbelievably efficient crew there! I was simply: “Wow!”

You truly know the knack. Keep up the good work!

Yoast -lisäosa Jukkasoftin blogiin

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Toteutin pitkäaikaisen unelman: WordPress-blogin Yoast SEO -lisäosa käyttöön. Yoastin on sanottu olevansa alansa parhaimmistoa. Yoast sisältää paljon toiminnallisuutta. Se tekee paljon asioita automaattisesti, ja toimii mukavan opasteellisena apurina koko ajan blogiartikkelin kirjoittamisvaiheessa. Yoastin voi nyt Gutenberg-editorissa myös pitää kätevästi hyvin passiivisena, jos ei halua jatkuvasti katsella neuvoja.

Kuten kaikki tehokas teknologia, Yoast vaatii hieman opettelua. Suosittelen esimerkiksi tämän sivun lukemista.

Yoast käytännössä mm. helpottaa sivuston teknisen rakenteen ylläpitoa niin, että blogi on paremmin hakukoneiden ymmärrettävissä. fcde14bc-36f2-417e-bdca-c1b8dc25042a-713-0000004c8eef532c_file.jpgSEO (search engine optimization) on iso kirjo erilaisia asioita, jotka käytännössä vaativat sekä funtsaamista että raakaa työtä.

Tutustun lähiaikoina lisää Yoastiin, ja mielenkiintoisten piirteiden ilmestyessä pistän uutta artikkelia tänne!

Reshuffle: what got Unfollowed in my WP Reader

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I was following 37 blogs through WordPress ‘Reader’. blogging_stationI hadn’t in fact interacted so much with the Reader, but kept still getting updates of articles to my iPhone. So one day I thought: now is the time to make a clean-up.

Of the 37 original blogs in my Reader’s “list of followed blogs”, I kept way less than half. So over 20 blogs got unfollowed.

I yanked the down-thumb for following:

  • a blog hadn’t published anything for a long time (typical 3 months or more)
  • the subject matter didn’t interest me anymore
  • too complicated or long content (videos: over 15 minutes length)
  • I simply couldn’t figure out what a blog was
  • the content seemed rather unpassionate, no “persona” behind the voice

Blogs that I kept following:

  • sometimes, when in doubt, I had to check outside the blogosphere to make my mind (Twitter ahoy!)
  • author had media coverage outside blogs
  • the very latest blog post looked so darn good/interesting (if I had to flick quickly)
  • a household name in some field of expertise, or..
  • blogger has same professional interests as I do

That said, I turned the vision inwards: what about that Jukkasoft blog that you’re reading right now? Am I complying? Is Jukkasoft understandable? Does it show my opinions and reflect how I feel about things? Time will tell. And, you, my reader! If anything is valuable for a blogger, it’s feedback. Never doubt giving that. In all its honesty.