The journeylist is my term for what I stand for: a traveling journalist. Not that media people would not ordinarily travel around to get a scoop, but I think that’s the way that I’ve been for most of my adult life: on the move. I love discovering new things, taking some fresh air even in the midst of autumn rain, and I certainly love pondering on what I’ve seen with a hot cup of coffee and some music. But the nature of a journeylist takes him also to ad-hoc situations, often in the middle of silicon: people, cables, processors, tech, ideas – enthusiasm! That’s what being a journeylist is all about.

It’s not about fulfilling a compulsory slot in the calendar. I like to think more like being the chance pair of eyes connected to a brain. Being useful to my readers while uncovering interesting things is my ultimate drive.

YT making a refuel to a supposedly white car.
Yours truly at some service point. Finland, 201x


Up: River Kwai Bridge in Thailand.

Below: consuming Mana potions from a geeky webshop.

Mana Potion

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