Lamia Flow – HSL hackathon

My first.

09:34AM Here it starts! Taking a train to Helsinki, as I am en route to downtown Helsinki – departing from Hyvinkää. This is one of the oldest train stations in Finland. A signpost says:

Hyvinkää railway station, in middle of the station building

The Lamia Flow – HSL Hackathon was personally a first for me. It was really interesting experience. Teams were easily formed, and my team was about utilizing 3D rendering plugin for Blender 2.79. The idea was to visualize in a better way how bus are situated in real world.

Altogether there were many interesting presentations. All teams prepared fully working or raw demos of the ideas, too.

Check out two videos from Lamia about the event.

Highlights of Lamia Flow Hackathon with HSL 28.-29.9.2019
Project presentations – Lamia Flow Hackathon with HSL 28.- 29.9.2019

Projects presented

  • Tram Jam: building a tram passenger count estimation service
  • Brokebike Station: building a broken city bike estimation service
  • 3D Cities – utilizing 3D modeling to improve visual clues for navigation on foot at remote bus stops
  • Know Your Neigborhood: building a service for comparing areas based on public transport quality and public service availibility
  • The Passenger: a virtual public transportation simulation

HSL – Helsinki Regional Transport

Access HSL – Helsinki Regional Transpor
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