mobile stuff, MobilePress and e71

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Very pleased owner of the Nokia e71. The MobilePress plugin for WordPress can give a nice
well-formatted, yet very slick output on a mobile phone. The original site can be designed
with full features, without thinking about mobile devices at that point. Mobilepress takes
over the publishing phase, and recognized limited mobile devices, and does formatting accordingly.
MobilePress is great, give it a try if you are blogging with Worpdress!

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There’s some similarity in simulations done with Swarm Intelligence tools. I registered
this by looking down in the main mall of Helsinki; people were like ants, making their
paths in anticipation of bumping into other people and also taking into account the
goals of their city stroll.

The second picture is about Johto cafe, a great place to meet friends, fire up a wlan
connection, and getting in touch.

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more cityscaping Helsinki – the purple part

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I let the pictures run the story themselves. It’s such a lovely moment when the sun is setting, and
Helsinki gets all purple. You can smell the oxygen-rich air, and there’s a special moment of
really belonging to the place. Take a look around and there’s people jogging, walking their dogs,
playing in the parks, having fun at restaurants, waiting for a taxi.


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Cityscaping Helsinki, a high-tech stone-grounded metropolitan

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It was really a day of needed refreshing, checking out the corners of Helsinki. One of the photos
features a single orange-and-yellow barring-bar, which was kind of impressive just lying in
there, middle of everything. People wandering by, and not probably thinking it more than a
blink of an eye. It contrasted well with the gray streets.

Johto cafe is a really comfortable lounge to sit and have a cappuccino. I’m not sure about this but I have a feeling it’s one of the most popular / first
WLAN cafes, so there’s a free wireless network plus battery charging place also.

Kamppi shopping center is an experience in itself. There’s the beautiful view from top to the centre of
the shopping center. It’s like a spiral staircase. Kamppi is bustling with activity and there’s a lot
of “live” campaigning shops – they make small offers and free demonstrations of the products. Whether
you like it or not is a totally different thing. I think it’s a refreshing change to the usual
city atmosphere. I really do miss the alleys of Bangkok in this matter 🙂 That’s a city that just
never sleeps, and which feels like a small village.


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These three pictures were taken today in Helsinki. I was strolling in the city, from a long time
ago, and seeing things with fresh view. I noticed a lot of urban activity happens in the shops.
There are souvenir shops, tobacco shops, book shops, shops electronics, groceries – you name it.
Some of these commercial activity centres work fluently; they don’t have queues. Then there’s
the ones that regularly seem to form queues. People are waiting for to be served. It’s interesting.
I think the Finnish national mentality is against waiting – because we think it’s a waste of
time. I am personally very much against queues. I think the business model or implementation of
the business is somehow flawed, if people have to wait in queues.

Let’s take a look at three samples. Note: this is really not to be taken too seriously. Don’t let
my text insult, it’s merely observations with a pun.

Nordea is definitely the most fascist: straight row of benches, not too comfortable, facing
the service desks. You sit, or you cry and sit! 😉

Elisa makes it a lottery: you see the big spheres, they’re used to draw the lucky winners
who get a working network connection.

Sampo is different. It makes the space even enticing. There’s a sense of being at home.
I could spend a fifteen minutes here.

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who is Jukka Paulin?

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Sometimes it’s really foggy, who it is that actually blogs. This entry will probably
make the picture a bit more clear. I was born in 1977. Introduced to computers
in the year 1983, when I had my first Commodore C=64. It was my miracle machine,
which I investigated thoroughly. First with BASIC programming language, and then
further on with assembly language.

The PC revolution was going on, and I went through using 286, 386, and 486 based
machines. With each processor there was something new to explore, even though
I mainly stayed with basic x86 Intel machine language.

I’ve worked in IT industry since 2000. Latest news is that I’m going into
programming with .NET and C#. In my teens I did a lot of writing code:
catalogue programs, experimentation with terminate-stay-residents (TSR),
some maps, and all these silly test programs. It was really fun!

I’m in various positions going about with
the everyday tasks. The rest of the information is possible to gather by
peeking the information page on this Blogger site. And you can always
contact me: my first name, dot, second name and

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Helsinki by Night 2008

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Traveling around the city, there’s sometimes interesting views that can be captured with the camera. I like light glaring in a certain way, it’s probably reminding
of rendered computer graphics.
One of the pictures is showing the maintenance of tram rails. It was a lot of sparking light
in the dark night 🙂

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