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I’m a fan of science fiction, both books and movies. I remember the first deep experience was when I was reading a translated scifi book about a space travel to a planet close to Earth. The travel was dangerous, and the atmosphere was very exciting, sometimes so that I was almost afraid of letting the book go.
I occasionally stopped reading, took a look at the beautiful, dark blue evening sky; Stella Polaris was bright, as usual. I was tripping in the space ship in my own imagination. This was an experience I will never forget; my first book reading.

It was my first mental trip in an environment which was not real, but so fascinating. Escaping the mundane world into “a better place”. I could see all the things described in the book, almost touching them with limbs. The people onboard the spacecraft had arguments and I think there was some threat of violence also. I was probably around 4-5 years old at that time; now at 31, my neurons have forgotten some the impulses and long time potentiation that occurred 27 years ago 🙂

Excuse me for sometimes having a long introduction. You better get used to it, it’s a leader and gives some background of why I came to be like I am.

The first time I heard about the new Nokia N810 internet tablet, was at a party of my wife’s friend. They always have really nice parties, with lots of different kind of people involved. It’s a pleasure sipping lemonade or water, and stand discussing with all the guests. There was a south African man, who’m I happened to start talking about computers. Soon I discoved he worked for Nokia, and had been involved for approximately 5 years in the research and development of a new class of devices, internet tablets (pocket computers, usually without the phone functionality).

Several months later, actually it’s probably been a year since, I was buying an 8-socket power plug from
There it was. Man! Love at first sight. You just know when you see one. White stealy, fine design. Smooth curves. Delicious overall. I…. had…. to…. have…. her.
How much? About 450 euros. Done.

I also bought a car charger. This is of the same type as for the normal small plug cellular phones, like N70 and several others. My hands were trembling a little bit. This has happened since the times I was opening my christmas packages with were usually packed with gadgets.

The N810 works best with a network. These days devices without a network connectivity are like fish in the dunes of Saudi Arabia. Lost!

So I drove to Helsinki University of Technology premises, where there’s a free Wifi for all students. I still am, of course! My studies have lasted since 1998, and they will probably take another 5-10 years from this point.

We have carrier! Connection established. Type:
There it is 🙂 What else did you expect?

I love the machine. Get one.

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The Day I Joined

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The day I joined Facebook

This is part of my diary, from approximately the day I joined Facebook
on the Internet. Facebook is a social portal, where you can meet friends,
discuss things, and have fun. Among other things. It’s interesting site,
and currently as I’m writing this in February 2008, Facebook is gaining
a lot of users and media attention.

It’s a rainy Tuesday on October 2007. We ordered a honeymoon trip
on Internet to Thailand’s Hua Hin. I spent the whole day at home today.

Yesterday I was really tired for some reason. My wife left to work early,
ja I stayed sleeping. Mikael called about 10AM; I’d mumbled something
into the phone and said I’d call later. I’m really bad at conversations
when I’m tired.. Especially in the morning.

We’ve had some power outs here in Klaukkala; yesterday, today and
tomorrow coming one up.
These are regular maintenance work and so notifications have come
beforehand by paper. They’re improving the local electrical distribution network.

I went looking for a new laptop yesterday. Last Saturday we went
looking for a new phone to my wife, since the current Nokia 6280
has had some bugs. On the same trip we noticed that many laptop
providers are coming out with cheap models, ranging from 800+ euros
to around 1000 euros. I’m not so involved with current goings in
hardware development, but could see that the overall performance of
these laptops wasn’t bad at all.

Well, yesterday I went to see the machines and talk more about the details.
I said I’ll be using the laptop for both work and home use,
and if the price difference is one to two hundred euros, then I’ll
take faster and more effective machines instead of a cheaper one.
Finally the decision came down to a HP T7100 Pavillion, with Vista
Premium. It’s got 2 gigabyte RAM, 120 GB hard disk, 4 USB 2.0
ports, and the normal interfaces: integrated video adapter,
internal WLAN card, RJ-45 (Ethernet) port, sounds, and bluetooth
connection. Vista is a somewhat raw still, I’ve been wary of
switching into it, but in the long run I think early adopters are
benefiting from the choice. Vista will eventually rule the
corporate world, in 2-3 years time. According to a poll made in 2007
here in Finland, about 20% of companies are going for Vista during
2007. The rest are looking for what the initial experiences are.

About the phone I mentioned earlier: The shop clerk at Gigantti
megastore knew about a place definitely worth visiting if there’s
bugs in the cellular. Air-Photo at Helsinki-Vantaa airport has
over ten years of experience with maintaining cellulars, including
Nokia ones. I browsed the net looking for Nokia 6280 bugs, and
it seems these jammings, bootings, and power offs are somewhat
known issues with the particular model. The maintenance guy
said that the software is still sometimes a bit raw, coming out
in quite a speed, so there are some bugs occasionally.

I left the phone at the maintenance, and it came back two weeks later
fully functional. We’ve got a 50 euro spare Nokia at home, so my wife
can use it for the time being. The most important thing is not
to spend any extra by buying a new phone for nothing. If they can
fix the older one, it’s good. I don’t like the buy-and-trash
culture, where consumer electronics seems to be going. Unfortunately.
I’d like to see the good old engineering discipline raising its head
also in the maintenance and fixing of apparatuses. Like watch goldsmiths,
they have a fine craft.

Joined today. 5 friends have done it already.
Later I’ll try to write more about Facebook. Cheers.

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PSIIC really doesn’t mean anything. It’s a random word, which I decided to use here on

So this is the initial writing, and I’m feeling kind of a writer’s block at the moment. Currently sitting at the lounge of Helsinki University of Technology’s main library, it’s 7:41 PM.

I’ve been writing basically the whole day, getting new ideas, and putting forward a project which we initiated with couple of buddies a week ago. It’s called Kyyti, and the idea is to have a fresh view about car pooling.

Car pooling is an old concept of utilizing private cars in a more efficient way. But at least here in Helsinki (capital of Finland) the car pooling movement hasn’t caught as much fire as it could have. We’re still driving cars half empty, and wasting fuel – but more importantly, we’re wasting the possibility of networking and really creating new innovations, by just meeting people in their daily chores; during the morning journey to work, school, or a supermarket. During the midday, the afternoon, and evening.

Blogging is by the way really interesting concept. I think it will eventually prove to be one of the great “inventions” of human kind. Just like you have the inventions of Fire, Writing, the Alphabet, the wheel, computers, cars, telecommunication networks, you will also have Blogging. It is unique in several ways. It’s kind of like listening to the internal dialogue that people have going on in their heads; it’s the soul of oneself, being converted into letters, and distributed for anyone to see. It’s at best the pure core of human intelligence purged into writings, which may be useful, provide joy, and comfort to other people around the world.

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