Open letter to Authentec (c/o of Apple)

Reading Time: < 1 minute Hi! I was thrilled to see that I’ve got the possibility to download and use Authentec’s solutions with my new HP laptop. The laptop has got a fingerprint module and I googled around the net to find the Downloads section for your software! One question, which actually consists of a couple of sub-points: according toContinue reading “Open letter to Authentec (c/o of Apple)”

[2k blog in Computer Science] VLAM authentication method

Reading Time: < 1 minute Human authentication to computer systems is problematic in many ways. There are aspects conserning the user’s ability to memorize arbitrary character-number -combinations as well as extraneous equipment which should be added to the system if other than password-based authentication methods were to be used (biometrics). The method proposed in this paper is based on theContinue reading “[2k blog in Computer Science] VLAM authentication method”

HiHat SSO shield

Reading Time: 2 minutes HiHat is a draft of a mechanism for increasing strength of existing single-sign on systems (SSO). It employs a queue algorithm to choose which servers it relies on. Each of the servers get equally mirrored with the salted password ciphertexts, that the user has. Web browser module that is running in protected memory space getsContinue reading “HiHat SSO shield”