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Jukkasoft as Numbers, Past Two Years 2018-2020

Reading Time: < 1 minute This is how it looks to me, in admin panel. I’ve gotten a bit of clue about what’s behind the numbers. One single article went to a good position in Google organic search results, which accounts for a hefty amount of the total traffic. It feels really good to produce content that people find useful.Continue reading “Jukkasoft as Numbers, Past Two Years 2018-2020”

Reshuffle: what got Unfollowed in my WP Reader

Reading Time: 1 minute I was following 37 blogs through WordPress ‘Reader’. I hadn’t in fact interacted so much with the Reader, but kept still getting updates of articles to my iPhone. So one day I thought: now is the time to make a clean-up. Of the 37 original blogs in my Reader’s “list of followed blogs”, I keptContinue reading “Reshuffle: what got Unfollowed in my WP Reader”

Where do blogs stand in 2017?

Reading Time: < 1 minute I’m personally quite active consumer of media, from Instagram to news, blogs and of course Twitter. What’s kept me kind of wondering is the position of blogs, over time. I mean we’re literally bombarded with (other) options to spend our time, which, by the way, is always a scarce resource. Still at least I findContinue reading “Where do blogs stand in 2017?”

[2k blog in Computer Science] VLAM authentication method

Reading Time: < 1 minute Human authentication to computer systems is problematic in many ways. There are aspects conserning the user’s ability to memorize arbitrary character-number -combinations as well as extraneous equipment which should be added to the system if other than password-based authentication methods were to be used (biometrics). The method proposed in this paper is based on theContinue reading “[2k blog in Computer Science] VLAM authentication method”