Open source, closed doors? Peace of code.

Throughout my involvement with code, I’ve been curious as to both the volume and quality of code. As well as, how it feels in particular moments to be programming. Not so long time ago the suitability of open-plan offices to R&D (generally, “anything needing precise concentration for rather long periods of time”) was revisited and,Continue reading “Open source, closed doors? Peace of code.”

Peter Drucker, The Age of Discontinuity (1968) after 15 pages read

I’d only read 15 pages of the total of 358 in Peter Drucker‘s The Age of Discontinuity, but it already inspired somehow. Drucker’s knowledge of the history of nations and his swift introduction of interesting facts regarding national productivity figures, quirks and logic in economics combined with solid writing style gives a true treat ofContinue reading “Peter Drucker, The Age of Discontinuity (1968) after 15 pages read”

Sijoittajan tietopaketti

Alkuun rehellinen tunnustus: en omista osakkeita. Toimin vain yleisenä pohdiskelijana, ja kaupallinen koulutukseni on melkein minimissä. Opiskelen teknillisessä yliopistossa tietojenkäsittelyä, ja yritän valmistua vuoden 2014 kieppeillä. Työkokemukseni on 10 vuotta IT-alalta. Joskus “pikkuisena” tein pari tuhatta markkaa KOP:n osakkeilla – fakta, joka hymyilyttää, kun luin kauppatieteiden professori Puttosen historiaa. Olen siis korkeintaan hieman luotettavampi kuinContinue reading “Sijoittajan tietopaketti”

HiHat SSO shield

HiHat is a draft of a mechanism for increasing strength of existing single-sign on systems (SSO). It employs a queue algorithm to choose which servers it relies on. Each of the servers get equally mirrored with the salted password ciphertexts, that the user has. Web browser module that is running in protected memory space getsContinue reading “HiHat SSO shield”