My Tips for a Professional Developer

Reading Time: 5 minutes Purely coming from my experiences so far. I’m a geek. I’m a programmer. I hack away, I’ve always done code. From some point onward, I also started doing code for money into real industrial and business applications. It was a fantastic moment to really grasp that what had been merely a pastime, could be turnedContinue reading “My Tips for a Professional Developer”

Programming in assembly

Reading Time: 4 minutes Assembly is the programming language closest to a CPU. ‘Closest’ here means that the keywords in the language translate 1:1 into instructions done by the CPU. With other (higher lever) languages, there’s either an interpreter or compiler which unpacks the language and generates usually quite significantly higher number of instructions when the code is toContinue reading “Programming in assembly”

Open source, closed doors? Peace of code.

Reading Time: 2 minutes Throughout my involvement with code, I’ve been curious as to both the volume and quality of code. As well as, how it feels in particular moments to be programming. Not so long time ago the suitability of open-plan offices to R&D (generally, “anything needing precise concentration for rather long periods of time”) was revisited and,Continue reading “Open source, closed doors? Peace of code.”

Anatomy of an operating system

Reading Time: 2 minutes There must have been time, when you most likely would’ve received some major antidotes for talking about operating systems that could fit into a mobile phone. Radio phones used analog technology, and they were like tuned musical instruments, only that these devices operated on a specified band of electromagnetic spectrum. The early mobile phones wereContinue reading “Anatomy of an operating system”