Jogging – 2014 vs. 2015

19.7.2015 Evening, Sunday I squeezed myself today and went on improving the track record for jogging. This year’s been definitely a lousy, compared to 2014. I’m around in the 20% of what I ran in 2014. That’s low, dude! In previous year I did around 200km and started way earlier, in April. Part of my inactivity might beContinue reading “Jogging – 2014 vs. 2015”

My first BEMER microcirculation massage

I had the opportunity to listen to an hour of introduction to a massage device called BEMER. The operating principle is quite simple: non-invasively accelerate the blood cells through using a pulsing magnetic field. Because blood heme (hemoglobin) contains iron (Fe), this is an atom that a magnetic field can exert force on. The BEMERContinue reading “My first BEMER microcirculation massage”