Smartphones inside out – part 2: mobile networks

Reading Time: 14 minutes I wrote a post about mobile phones a “bit” earlier. This is the follow-up, with mobile networks. They are, inevitably, something that the whole mobile culture relies on. Yet I think mobile networks have received quite little interest from general public. 5G is a hot topic right now in 2018. The generations of mobile networksContinue reading “Smartphones inside out – part 2: mobile networks”

Captain’s Log, year 2000 and Info-Society development

Reading Time: 4 minutes Captain’s Log, 2000 supplemental: Finland Losing the Grip in Info-Society Development by Jukka Paulin (18 April 2000) This text is a historical reproduction, vis-a-vis from the year 2000 homepage writings. I was then a systems programmer on a Java security project, and blogging about the Possible Future scenarios in IT. Introduction I was purely amazed at theContinue reading “Captain’s Log, year 2000 and Info-Society development”